//TO-DO: Introduce Yourself


You’ve probably happened upon my blog and might be wondering what all this is about. Simply put I’m a black girl trying to find my way into the Cybersecurity field – get it blackgirlcyber! So here goes it with the introduction.

Hi, I’m Aisha. 20 years old. German-Nigerian living in the UK. I’ve just finished my degree in Computer Science, Thank God it’s finally over wow, and now I’m looking ahead into the deep bottomless pit that is The Real World 😦 .

Here on my blog you can expect:

  1. My best overview of the latest Cyber News (disclaimer: I know nothing so we’ll be learning together 😀 )
  2. University, Career and Life advice that you can choose to ignore because see disclaimer above
  3. My struggles and triumphs, wins and crushing defeats, as I try to make a career in cyber-security…..wish me luck!

That and much much more coming soon. I’m excited, are you?


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